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Shoulder Therapy

Shoulder conditions treated include:

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Rotator Cuff Tear (non-operative)

Rotator Cuff Tear (post-operative)

Impingement Syndrome

Bicipital Tendonitis

Fracture of the Humerus and Scapula

Labrum Injuries (SLAP tear)

Ergonomic-based Shoulder Pain

Why choose MoveMend for shoulder therapy?

We are recognized experts in shoulder rehabilitation

We provide hands-on assessment and treatment techniques

We offer total body, functional approach to rehabilitation including sport performance

Shoulder therapy assessment and treatment.

Shoulder therapy services at MoveMend are provided by physical therapists and occupational therapists with advanced training in assessment, manual therapy techniques and exercise selection for shoulders. We have a “hands-on” approach to rehabilitation.

The initial assessment for shoulder therapy lasts about an hour. You will be interviewed by your therapist about your injury and any previous shoulder therapy or medical treatments. If you have had surgery, x-rays or other testing of the shoulder it would be helpful to bring those reports with you.

Your initial visit will also involve filling out a questionnaire asking how your injury effects your daily activity. We want to know how your condition effects your work, self-care, sleep and home and family management. Our therapists focus on functional activities and are experts in figuring out how to use adaptive equipment or techniques to maximize independence.

Range of motion, strength and sensation measurements are taken. The therapist will have you demonstrate movements of the entire arm and sometimes the entire body, depending upon the diagnosis. We know that we are working with an entire person, not simply a shoulder.

Keeping you active.

We understand that many of us Seattleites engage in regular fitness and sport activity and these activities sometimes lead to shoulder injuries. The therapists and training staff at MoveMend focus on keeping you in the game (or yoga studio) as much as possible during your shoulder therapy program. Our personal trainers can modify most exercises and work with you to keep or even improve your fitness while you are in rehab with us. We offer personal training services that specialize in working with people who are recovering from injury.