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Building athletes for life

To reach your physical potential, you need to find the balance between improving strengths and correcting weaknesses. Focusing on one and not the other can keep you from your peak performance. Recovery and injury prevention are as vital to your goals as focused, well-rounded training. Whether you’re training as a competitive athlete or just want to stay active and moving well for life, MoveMend Physical Therapy will help you succeed.

Our expert physical therapists don’t believe in quick fixes to temporarily mask pain. They assess your whole body to identify underlying problems before they become chronic pain and injuries. Your performance today is shaped by everything that came before, from past injuries to how much time you spend sitting and how hard you train. A smart approach to recovery and injury prevention can have a huge impact on how well you move and perform tomorrow.

MoveMend Physical Therapy:

  • Identifies imbalances that cause pain and discomfort
  • Takes a hands-on, integrated approach to care
  • Treats the root cause and not just the symptoms
  • Provides customized plans designed with your goals in
  • Helps you return to your sport or activity stronger than before
  • Shows you how to move well for life, not just for the next
  • Relies on proven, evidence-based practices for the best

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