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Physio Coaching: A better way to train for peak performance

Here’s how rehab and training work today. Your rehab specialist helps you manage pain or recover from an injury, but they generally don’t help you resume your normal level of training. Your trainer helps you improve your fitness but generally doesn’t have extensive expertise in injury modification.

If both sides collaborated, they could help you exercise more safely and make the progress you really want. For most of us, however, our rehab specialist and trainer never work together.

MoveMend’s solution: Physio Coaching

Physio Coaching is a customized fitness program designed for you by our expert rehab and training team.

With Physio Coaching, you work with one of our highly knowledgeable strength coaches AND have a rehab specialist collaborating with them to modify exercises to meet your needs. This means you can train injury-free and make greater progress on your goals.

Would you like:

  • An expert strength coach designing your workouts, so there’s no guesswork about what to do on any training day?
  • Your workouts conveniently delivered to you via an app so you can workout whenever it’s convenient for you?
  • Workouts designed around the equipment you have available, whether that’s a minimal home gym or a full gym (when they open again)?
  • To regularly connect with your Physio Coach and rehab specialist to make sure you’re training safely and making modifications when necessary?

You can – with Physio Coaching!

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Physio Coaching Means Real Results

We want you to see results. Professional, collegiate, and other elite athletes don’t show up to the gym and spontaneously decide what they are doing that day. They have a long-term plan designed to achieve their goals, with input from personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and medical experts. 

That’s what you get with Physio Coaching – access to the best expertise for a customized training program that helps you crush your goals, all with the support of medical and fitness professionals behind you.

What’s even better is that you can get Physio Coaching at a fraction of the cost of in-person training!

Physio Coaching is More Than Personal Training

Physio Coaching is a long-term fitness strategy based on decades of research and proven methods, not fad workouts. You’ll work through different training segments with your Physio Coach, gradually building your strength, endurance, and power.

Our customized programs are intentionally structured around the latest evidence to improve athletic performance and fitness from the bottom up. You will develop a foundational strength/endurance, and from there, you can improve your overall athleticism, train like an elite athlete, and crush your goals.



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Why Physio Coaching?

Start with a team onboarding call to assess goals, past injuries, available equipment and more.

Get customized workouts, designed by your physio coach, delivered straight to your app

Regularly connect with your Physio Coach and rehab specialist to ensure your training is working for you! Connect with your team virtually or in person!

Easy access to smart, evidence-based training that fits most budgets

Physio Coaching FAQs
From Injury to Peak Performance. Your Physio Coaches will help you get there.

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