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Personal Training & Fitness

What is post-injury personal training?

At MoveMend, we offer post-injury and performance personal training, as well as small-group classes.

Post-injury personal training is a unique method of fitness training for individuals who have a medical condition or are recovering from an injury.

What makes post-injury personal training different?

Our program allows you to safely improve strength and performance with a blend of rehabilitation, exercise physiology and personal training customized to your needs.

Our trainers have the highest certifications in the industry and regularly collaborate with our OT and PT staff to help you safely return to sport and activity..

For those who want custom detailed training plans delivered online and with phone call check-ins, we offer several packages. Learn more HERE.

Why choose MoveMend for personal training?

We have the highest qualifications in the business

We follow scientific research on fitness and stay away from risky fads

We work with elite competitive athletes, 80 year olds who have never exercised and everyone in between

Partner Training at MoveMend

What’s better than personal training?

Answer: Train with a friend or partner and split the cost!

You and a partner can book a partner training session

and share the normal rate of $100!

Sign up for Partner Training now!

What are the training sessions like?

Fun and challenging. Your 55-minute sessions are tailored specifically for you and no two workouts will be the same. We begin with the foundation of stability and mobility then progress to building strength and power.

What happens during my first session?

Your trainer will conduct a Functional Movement Screen and assess you on 7 key movement patterns. This allows our experts to create a robust overall training plan for you that increases performance and decreases risk for injury.  

Your first session will also include:

  • Extensive review of medical / injury history
  • Flexibility / mobility testing
  • Recording your height, weight, resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Strength testing of major upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Goal setting with a timeline and scheduled reassessment

Some of our training tools include:

Functional Movement Screen (Read more here)

TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer

Medicine Balls and Free Weights

Exercise Bands

Cable Machine

BOSU and Physioballs

Weighted Body Bars

Trigger Point Tools


Single session: $100

5-pack: $95 / session

10-pack: $90 / session

20-pack: $85 / session

30 minutes follow-up sessions: $60 each

Sessions are $82 each if currently receiving OT or PT

We also offer small-group classes, where you’ll still get personal attention from our trainers but benefit from the extra motivation of working out in a group class!

To learn about our small-group classes and see our schedule, check out our Group Class page. 

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