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Small-Group Classes

February schedule

Small-Group Classes

We have created small-group classes that are unlike anything you’ll find at a gym or fitness studio.

What makes them different? First off, when we say small-group, we mean it! Classes are limited to just 4 people, so every participant gets personal attention from the trainer. Exercise with confidence knowing our expert trainers are ready to demonstrate modifications when needed.

Because of the class size, signing up in advance is required! 

But what we’re most proud of? Every move in all of our classes has been reviewed by our therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, are just getting back into exercise after a long time away, or you are a more advanced fitness buff who’s looking for a fun, new challenge to add to your routine, you’ll find our small-group classes offer you the push you’re looking for!


Check out the small-group class descriptions below! 

Why choose MoveMend for personal training?

We have the highest qualifications in the business

We follow scientific research on fitness and stay away from risky fads

We work with elite competitive athletes, 80 year olds who have never exercised and everyone in between

February schedule

Small-Group Class Descriptions

Find Your Core: Core and Posture Training (Beginner-friendly)

Find Your Core is a great intro level class, but even the most fit individuals can benefit from the exercises in this class. One of the biggest benefits you find while strengthening your core is improved posture. This class will help you build a foundation of strength and toning in your abdominal groups as well as help you maintain a neutral spine during more dynamic movement patterns. This will help with performance and decrease the chance of injury during higher level exercise as well as everyday activity. 

Balance Foundations: Intro to Balance, stability, and dynamic stability

Balance and stability are fundamental in preventing injury and maintaining an active lifestyle. This class will increase your proprioceptive ability and is a great intro level class to more dynamic and agility-focused exercise routines. This class is meant for the exercise novice, someone who struggles with maintaining balance, or an individual returning to exercise post injury, but even the most fit individuals can benefit from the exercises in this class. 

High-Level HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training  

Not for the exercise novicesomeone dealing with an injury, or someone that has taken a break from regular exercise. This class is designed to push you to your limit!

Incorporating a mixture of full-body exercises that will test and increase your bodies output potential. You will not feel sore in any one place. Instead, you’ll feel exhausted and aware of the massive amount of calories burnt in this 55min class! Ready for the challenge?  

3CCore and Cardio Conditioning 

Your heart rate will stay up with this dynamic core and cardio conditioning class. Using a combination of classic cardio and core exercise, as well a mixture of more dynamic movement patterns, you’ll leave class breathing hard with a solid abdominal burn. Do your best and set your own pace. Whether you are a fitness novice or well trained, this class will improve your stamina and core strength.  

ACE: Agility Circuit Exercises

Want to train and feel like an athlete? This small-group training class is like playing exercise games. Working on agility, stability, fast feet, and plyometrics. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game or just looking for a fun exercise class, these dynamic exercises will leave little gas in the tank and have you imagining your future career in sports.  

Lower Body Burn: Lower body strength and muscular endurance training 

Everyone can benefit from a focused lower body class. Your biggest metabolic engines will be working for 55 mins in this class that is designed for every fitness level and is guaranteed to make your legs stronger 

Upper Body Burn: Upper body strength and muscular endurance training

Everyone can benefit from a focused upper body class! Your upper body and arms will be working for 55 mins in this class that is designed for every fitness level and is guaranteed to make your upper body sore. 

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