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Massage Therapy with Brooke Shirley, LMP, CYT

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Now you can get massage therapy in Eastlake when you’re here for PT, OT, or personal training! Brooke combines very practical and intuitive applications of hands-on therapy. She uses a wide combination of modalities and levels of depth with her work. Neurofascial release & Myofascial release are large components of Brooke’s work, but she also utilizes deep tissue techniques, abdominal massage, and other unique trainings she’s learned over the years.

Brooke, and her massage therapy in Eastlake, specializes in treating nerve-related conditions like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, EDS, cervical spine injuries, low back pain, and leg-related injuries, to name a few. She enjoys the puzzle of working with the body and remains curious and present in her work.

Brooke strives to provide the best care possible for each person, in every session. She takes her role as a massage therapist seriously, as she has a personal understanding of what it means to live with chronic pain and nerve pain. Her own experience has helped her to prioritize the care and energy she gives to her clients. Brooke has explored many different paths of healing including a variety of breathwork styles, yoga, hydrotherapies, meditation, mindfulness practices, and energy healing.

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