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Managing a Climber’s “Tweaky” Shoulder Pain

Why climbers experience shoulder pain or "tweaky" shoulders [caption id="attachment_2119" align="alignright" width="278"] Dr. Sam Watkins, PT, DPT, climbing at a rock gym[/caption] Climbers with tweaky shoulder pain is not uncommon. If you regularly go all out while climbing, it’s likely you’ve had a “tweaky” shoulder following a session. So, what Read more...

Climbing Rehab / Injury Prevention!

Climb on! Hey, follow our Youtube channel for a stream of vids on strengthening and injury prevention. Our climbing specific playlist is just getting up and rolling, but you can check out this gem below. We're starting with a focus on the shoulder but will expand throughout Read more...

Rock Climbing Blog Series Coming Soon!

Climbing Injuries Happen - Often I'm digging into the research of arm and hand injuries in climbers. I'm going to compare some climbing cult classics with the medical literature. After that I'll share rehabilitation tips from my 20+ year experience treating common climbing injuries. This topic has been Read more...