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Moving You From Injury to Activity

Specializing in shoulder, arm and hand therapy

Treating pain and injuries head-to-toe

Continue to improve strength and performance

Prevent injury, save insurance costs, improve efficiency

What is MoveMend?

Why choose MoveMend?

We are internationally recognized experts in the field of rehabilitation

We accept all major insurance

We actively collaborate with other healthcare providers to optimize client care

We are a locally owned business

Why choose MoveMend for Occupational Therapy?

We are internationally recognized experts in shoulder, arm and hand therapy

We provide on site custom arm and hand orthotic fabrication

We utilize a total body, functional approach to rehabilitation including sport performance

Why choose MoveMend for Physical Therapy?

We treat the cause of your pain, not the symptoms

We have a hands-on and integrated approach to care

We have expertise in gait analysis, perinatal care, yoga modification, and return to sport

Why choose MoveMend for Personal Training?

We have the highest qualifications in the business

We follow scientific research on fitness and stay away from risky fads

We work with elite competitive athletes, 80 year olds who have never exercised and everyone in between

Why choose MoveMend for Ergonomic Consulting?

We service office, medical and manual labor settings

We customize programs for each business, workstation and worker


I had a wonderful experience with Aaron, Joel and the MoveMend team. They helped diagnose my tennis elbow and guided me through therapy that was customized as needed to help support my healing journey. The entire team brings a positive energy to the space.

Stacey D.

"...after 2 months with Carly I am feeling strong, am skiing again, and have gotten very focused attention toward stabilizing my knee. I have faith in PT and MoveMend. Thank You!"

Kathryn S.

Carly was a pleasure to work with. She's intuitive, caring, and knowledgeable. My recovery has been great and I feel better prepared to prevent future injuries.

David S.

"I am not sure if there exists a place like MoveMend. Some clinics are just happy if you heal to the point where you aren't in pain, but MoveMend will work to get you to where you can do the things you enjoy the most."

Reuben Juster

I really want to thank MoveMend. My arm hasn't felt this good in 5 years! The pain I used to feel as the result of my injury has subsided. Thank you so much Aaron and Joel.

Holly Paul

All the new activities required of a new mom took their toll on my body. Ryan has helped me tremendously... Two months later, I am feeling a lot better. Thank you!

Anna Kashner

"I would recommend Ryan to anybody, especially...those looking for an individual that looks at the entire body and not just the site of injury. Ryan has worked so many miracles for me."

Courtney Franz

“MoveMend put me on a comprehensive plan including clinical visits and exercises while at home and work. Couldn't have wished for a better result.”

Dustin Van Wyck

“He listens carefully, is compassionate and encouraging -- key factors to help you complete the course of treatment and fully recover.”

Gaylee Duncan

“In addition to his obvious expertise with wrist and hand, I appreciate his holistic approach.”

Sedora Debondt

"I had a really great experience with MoveMend. I came to them with some serious tennis elbow and they helped me out every step of the way. Aaron and Joel were fantastic physical therapists, super friendly, very knowledgeable and just all around great guys."

Jason Francis

“… offers not only technical expertise but wisdom: there's an art to training and injury recovery…because it's not one size fits all. I highly recommend MoveMend.”

Matt Garson

“Employees really responded to the Stretch and Flex program”

Jason Banghart, Construction Manager

Pacific Landscape Management

“Technical expertise and sincere compassion are second to none. I cannot recommend more highly”

Dr. Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts Dentistry